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Storage Space Question Mark
Each piece of media you store on the site counts towards your allotted quota of space. The more videos you plan to store, the more space you’ll need.
1.0 GB 10.0 GB 30.0 GB 50.0 GB Custom
Number of Reports Question Mark
The site will store and keep this many reports on your account for as long as your account is active. When you create your limit, you can delete old reports to free up space. This will, however, prevent you from reviewing your past work when a repeat job comes up.
10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Custom
Video Sharing Question Mark
On all levels you can upload videos to your account. However, they will be forced to stay in the private media section preventing you from sharing videos on reports if video sharing is not a feature of your account level.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video Bookmarking Question Mark
On all levels, you can create bookmarks in your videos that will allow you and your viewers to jump directly to that point in the video. This feature is useful to pinpoint where in the video your customers attention should be drawn.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extract Images from Videos Question Mark
On all account levels, you can extract images from videos to share on your reports. This is especially useful on Express accounts where you can only store videos in your private media, not share them on reports.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image Sharing Question Mark
Indicates whether or not you can attach images to the public media section of your reports and share them. This is available on all levels.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Sharing Question Mark
Certain level accounts allow you to share any file type that you wish (image, video, pdf, doc, CAD, etc.) while Express allows you to share images but store both images and videos.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
# of Sites / Offices Question Mark
A site will allow you to share storage space across user accounts but partition your users into groups that cannot see each other’s work.
1 1 2 3 Custom
# of Users Question Mark
Indicates how many unique user names you can create that have access to the information stored in your RIDGIDConnect account.
1 5 15 25 Custom
Contact Mgmnt. Question Mark
Certain levels of accounts have advanced contact management features built in that allow you to upload contact lists, export to your GPS unit, review all reports associated with a contact, and build contact hierarchies.
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dispatch Question Mark
Indicates whether or not you can take advantage of the mobile GPS tracking features and alert capabilities of RIDGIDConnect.
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mapping Question Mark
Each contact that you create in your account is geocoded by the system and you can interact with these records on a Bing map. This allows you to analyze the distribution of your clients, get driving directions, and help plan your route.
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Job Code Sharing Question Mark
Each report can be shared by having the site generate and send an email to the contacts you specify. A link will be in the email they receive that allows them to open your report.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Logins Question Mark
If you have a customer who you will be sharing multiple reports with, you can allow them to create a user name and password to the site which will give them access to a table that contains all the reports you’ve shared with them. This will remove the hassle of making them keep track of all the emails with report links you’ve sent them. This is not a full RIDGIDConnect account like the one you signed up for. It just gives them a page that organizes their report links.
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Job Expirations / Views Limit Question Mark
As added security, you can set the links to reports that you share to expire on a certain day. You can also allow them to be viewed a certain amount of time before access is removed.
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
HQ Integration Question Mark
SeeSnake HQ allows you to collect digital pipe inspection content. It can be downloaded here and will integrate directly with your RIDGIDConnect account.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link on Your Site Question Mark
Retrieving a report can be done by entering both parts of a job code on the home page of RIDGIDConnect in the upper right hand corner. This feature allows you to create and embed code on your own website that will allow your customers to retrieve their reports directly from your website.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Applications Question Mark
RIDGIDConnect has iOS and Android applications that allow you to capture images and videos on your smartphone and upload them directly to your RIDGIDConnect account.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Site Access Question Mark
RIDGIDConnect has a mobile site that can be found here. You can fill out all of the fields on a report, attach media, and send it while still in the field without needing to return to the office!
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Desktop Uploader Question Mark
This software compresses videos on your computer before they are uploaded to the site. It can handle interrupted internet connections and resume where your upload left off when the internet becomes available again. It’s also great for uploading in the background while you work on the rest of the report in your web browser.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


In the event that you choose to discontinue your subscription, you will only be billed for the portion of the month used. Your data will remain in the system for a period of one (1) year from the time of cancellation. To reopen an account or access records, please contact our technical support team for information.

Enterprise Level cancellation terms are specific to each customer


At any time, you can upgrade your account to a higher level. You will be charged at the higher level rate for the portion of the month you used that higher level. You can downgrade your account if your account fits the parameters of the lower level (users, storage space, etc.). You cannot downgrade from a Basic account to Express.
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