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If you are taking notes on the job, utilize digital images or video, and need to share information with your customers or co-workers then RIDGIDConnect can help you be more efficient and spend more time on the job and less in the office.

RIDGIDConnect has proven to reduce the costs of conducting inspections because you no longer need to duplicate media, produce one-off reports, or waste windshield time or the cost of postage to deliver the information to your customer.

RIDGIDConnect has proven to solicit a faster response from customers thanks to its utilization of email and the internet as a delivery vehicle. You can reach your customers where they are in real time and present them with a professional presentation of your findings. They can also respond to your reports directly in the system which is instantly presented to your e mail account and retained as part of the job record.

Regardless of the work you do, if you are utilizing digital information or just looking for a simply way to organize your records and customer lists then RIDGIDConnect is for you. The list below is representative of the types of users taking advantage of RIDGIDConnect today! Don't miss out on the competitive advantage RIDGIDConnect can offer your business to enhance your services and streamline your reporting processes.

Contractor Engineer Business Owner

Agent Technician

H/VAC-R Technician

Associate pictures of equipment you service or install, including serial plates, along with owner's manual PDFs with a customer as a reference document or a validation of the professional services you provide. Document when you change filters or perform duct cleaning and schedule follow ups to maximize your business potential.


Not all the work you do is in new construction so when quoting a job or showing the completion of work done a RIDGIDConnect report can be a great tool. Electricians have even used reports to share with suppliers that do custom conduit bending and even used it to store thermal images of race ways that they have worked around. Having a living data base of the work you have done for customers is also a wonderful reference when you do additional jobs and need to refer back to have top of mind awareness of what you are about to get involved with.


Secure storage of your sewer main and lateral inspection videos can be combined with association to street addresses or parcel numbers to give you a comprehensive tool for auditing your sanitary systems and reporting on issues to residents, contractors, or agencies.

Facility Maintenance

RIDGIDConnect allows you to quickly organize the records and processes that are in your filing cabinets and make them accessible in real time via the internet or a mobile device. Assign tasks, keep up-to-date on job progress, and collaborate seamlessly to save time, reduce costs, and work in a standardized approach. Your ISO auditor will thank you.

Preventative Maintenance

Regardless if you are simply cleaning windows, cleaning offices, or performing fire and water remediation services you are sure to encounter the need to communicate issues with your clients, co-workers, or third parties. RIDGIDConnect makes it simple to communicate the value of the work you perform as well as document concerns or problems that you identify and report them in a timely manner. Your reports become a record that can used to track progress, define work flows, instruct employees in how to perform certain tasks, or mitigate your liability when trouble arises.

Engineers and Test Labs

Upload your test videos, analysis images, and documents to RIDGIDConnect and instantly share with one or many parties. The controls and secure nature of RIDGIDConnect make it perfect for sharing with suppliers or customers and managing their access to your intellectual property. RIDGIDConnect has been utilized to share specifications, drawing, and assembly videos with suppliers around the world and even for supporting reverse auction processes.

Environmental Services

Pumping out grease pits or septic tanks can require inspecting the baffles when finished and often the incoming drain line. A RIDGIDConnect report is a great tool for recording this service and sharing it with your customer or local agency. The ability to store private media to a report also allows you to take photos that can help you quickly identify the next time where your point of access is or any special issues that are associated with that job. When an issue arises that requires reference back to past work you can quickly share the reports in your account with one or many and even refer to them on-the-go via your mobile phone. RIDGIDConnect can help keep your trucks rolling which helps you make more money.

Repair Technicians

Take before, during, and after pictures to show the status or work done to repair just about anything. Reports can also be convenient tools for communicating issues to manufacturers for warranty claims or to gain guidance on technical repairs. Best of all, you have a permanent record of the work you have done to assist you should you get a call back or have a disgruntled customer.

Insurance Adjuster

When an accident or claim occurs time is of the essence and you want to gather and store all the information you can to reference going forward. RIDGIDConnect provides you with the tools to document the incident, save insights for yourself in the private sections while sharing the content you want to with others. RIDGIDConnect's mobile site even allows you to upload images and start a report right from your mobile device.

Human Resources

Quickly create an incident report to communicate succinctly what has happened and share it with all necessary parties. Your entries in RIDGIDConnect are time stamped and the information securely held to be accessible only by those you grant access to.


Record your instructional sessions, class notes, and upload your associated documents to create robust reports that can be shared with one or many anywhere around the world in real time. Utilize the editing tools to draw attention to specific topics within a training session so that employees can utilize it as a refresher and knowledge base. Best of all, your content becomes a knowledge archive that institutionalizes your company's tribal knowledge and allows you to update elements at any time.

Home Inspector

Utilize the report template to draw specific attention to areas of interest that you identify and the image markup tools to quickly convey what needs to be addressed. The ability to share the report with multiple people simultaneously makes conveying your findings to customers, insurance agents, and secondary contractors simple.

Real Estate Professionals

Showcase your properties with pictures and videos in a way that will set you apart. Before a contract is signed a potential buyer may ask for work to be done or updates to be made. RIDGIDConnect reports allow you to document the issues, confirm them with your client near or far, and communicate what needs to be addressed to contractors or the seller themselves. RIDGIDConnect reports can also be used to provide a more detailed overview of a property than a traditional MLS listing alone and allow you to differentiate your service.

Automotive Collision Repair

Highlighting the part you will fix and showing before and after builds confidence, reduces confusion, speeds up the time to close the deal. Share with customer and insurance agent.

Freight Handling and Logistics

Your clients know how they think the package was handed over to you but sometimes there can be questions of what happened along the way. Freight claims can be tedious and hard to track. Sometimes the recipient of a shipment doesn't know what to expect and isn't prepared to receive the parcel when it's time to be delivered. RIDGIDConnect allows you to document in words, pictures, and video all aspects of a shipment and share pertinent information with interested parties all along the way. Best of all, if there is a claim made against a shipment you were involved in, RIDGIDConnect can provide you a complete reference of your information.

Janitorial Sanitation

Most of the time, the work you do is in the evening when the occupants have gone home for the day. The lights that are burned out, the wear and tear to the facilities are common observations that you make while doing your service work. A RIDGIDConnect report allows you to fully document the issues that you see and share them with internal staff, property management, or third party contractors who may be involved in the ongoing maintenance of a property. Reports also are a great way to train your staff on how certain services should be performed and how an area can commonly be found and how it should look after the work is complete. This saves you time and money in training and provides real-time access to work flows for your staff keeping them more productive.

Data Center Managers / IT Support

As your support team becomes distanced from your devices, support can be a challenge. Sometimes a picture of a message on a phone, an outlet on a switch, or a light on a server can speed up your diagnosis of an issue. You can use RIDGIDConnect to share training videos for new users or common issues.

Plumbers / Steam Fitters / Drain Cleaning Companies

Video inspections of drains, boiler tubes, or other confined spaces can be easily shared with bookmarks, image extraction, and image markup tools to help your customer easily understand the issue at hand and help you secure additional business. Installation of new fixtures can be documented and retained under the customer so you have a comprehensive reference to utilize going forward when repairs are needed.

Home Remodeling and Restoration

Before and after pictures as well as images that present what is possible can be powerful tools in communicating your capability and efforts to your customer. RIDGIDConnect reports also allows for collaboration within your company so that regardless if you are in the shop, on site, or somewhere between you can understand the current issues being addressed. Best of all, your past work and issues can be accessed from any browser or mobile device 24x7 so you always prepared to speak with any customer when the call comes in.

Utility Locators, Excavators and Survey Companies

Paint and markers on the ground are hard to reference back in the office or over time. A digital picture can be proof of work done as well as a reminding reference of where located points or buried assets are in reference to other fixed objects. The RIDGIDConnect system can easily support GPS log files and other documents to provide you with a comprehensive report of a survey. In addition, the job scheduling functions can help you assign and prioritize work within your company to help you be more efficient. Excavating companies find RIDGIDConnect to be a great way to document projects and share with locating service companies the area that they need surveyed.

Pool Service Companies

Inspecting drain lines, documenting service, recording chemical test levels can be repetitive. Your customers rely on you to maintain the optimum performance of their pools and spas. RIDGIDConnect allows you to show the customer the issues that they face, the services you provide, and even share tips and recommendations in a professional manner. Schedule the next visit, follow up, cleaning, or filter change directly in the report and be reminded so you don't miss a service opportunity. Best of all, your past work and issues can be accessed from any browser or mobile device 24x7 so you are always prepared to speak with any customer when the call comes in.

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